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Blogging: An Underrated Marketing Must

Updated: May 17, 2023

With the hustle and bustle of the digital world getting louder every day, it can be hard to sort through the noise and find that sweet-spot combination of marketing tactics that will help your business flourish.

New marketing services are emerging every day causing some of the best tools to become lost and forgotten. Blogging, for example is often underrated yet is one of the most effective digital marketing tools out there when it comes to the growth of your business.

Note: we’re not saying you should hop on your website and blog about whatever comes to mind. Having a successful web blog takes time, not to mention research and strategy. However, we are saying that blogging can be an effective tool to help market your business and its products/services while increasing traffic to your website.

Here’s why:

Blogging builds brand awareness and thought leadership:

To be a thought leader, you must be known in your industry, and you must provide insightful, useful information about your industry. It just so happens, blogging can help you with both of these things!

A blog will give you an opportunity to speak about industry relevant topics, share your experience and open the door for conversation with your customers. The more you do this, the more relevant you will become within your industry over time.

Blogging is an excellent way to keep your website updated:

Publishing blogs is a natural and effective way to keep your web content updated on a regular basis. Frequent updates are a signal to search engines that your website is being taken care of and is a safe place to send web users. AKA, the more frequently your content is updated, the more likely Google is to favour your content over competitors.

Additionally, the more pages you have on your website, the more pages there are for search engines to index.

Blogging creates an opportunity to optimize industry keywords:

Since each blog tends to focus on a unique topic, each blog is an opportunity to optimize a different industry-related keyword, while avoiding any keyword suffering (using too many of the same keywords across your site).

Blogging creates engaging and shareable social media content:

Web content lends itself well to social media efforts. Rather than posting educational content from other sites, why not curate your own information to share? By posting your own articles on social media, you are giving your followers the opportunity to learn more while also sending traffic to your website (2 in 1!).

The bottom line: It’s time to blow the dust off blogging when it comes to our digital marketing toolkits. If you aren’t utilizing blogging in your current marketing efforts…you should be. Blogging is an effective way to keep your website updated and indexed, build brand awareness and thought leadership in your industry, and help populate your social media feeds with relevant content.

Want to talk further about high quality, beautiful digital content creation? Contact us—let’s start building the relationship.

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