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We are passionate about the digital world and dedicated to building engaged online communities by helping brands tell their unique stories.


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Meet VanderSocial, the full-service boutique digital marketing agency that's #ChangingTheGame. We are passionate about the digital world and dedicated to helping brands tell their unique stories through beautiful visuals and compelling copy. 


We are digital experts with years of experience that pride ourselves on a well-rounded skill set covering everything from branding, to websites, to organic + paid social media content and everything in between. 


There is a social aspect to everything we do; That's why we focus on building not just a brand, but a loyal community that fosters trust and builds lasting relationships. We work diligently to bring your brand's personality to life by creating content that resonates with your ideal audience and provides measurable ROI to your marketing efforts.



Simply put, we love what we do (and we're good at it)!



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"Collaborating on my personal brand with Tina has been incredibly insightful, interesting and fun - after just a few short weeks I can already see so much opportunity unfolding. Highly recommend!"


"VanderSocial designed and set up sales funnels whilst also running the social media for POWERnomads. Tina worked hard making my life much easier. Her knowledge is exceptional and she definitely taught me a thing or two!"


What We're Talking About...

May 8, 2019

It’s been about a week since Instagram removed it’s ever-popular “likes” feature in Canada. Like most digital content marketers, the news initially sent us into shock. Now what? For years, Instagram has been centered around likes—brands base most of their digital succe...

January 30, 2019

In the past few years Digital Marketing has grown into something that cannot be ignored. It seems every brand is quoting Disney’s The Little Mermaid saying, “I want to be where the people are”, but the one place Ariel didn’t look was online... The digital landscape has...

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